M- Meeting together with I- Integrity G- Grace and H- Heartfelt prayer to raise T- Thriving Y- Youth!

Who:          All women who are mothers: step, foster and grand plus your children!
When:       Every Friday during the school year, except holidays and snow days
Time:        10:00am to 12 noon
Where:      Cascade View Covenant Church
                     221 NE Chkalov Drive
                     Vancouver, WA 98684

What do we do here? We share st
ories, laughter and tears as well as coffee and snacks! Each week, we have a topic to discuss, and a couple times a year we do service projects and fundraisers. We support each other in a non-judgmental parenting group where all types of parenting styles are supported. We are a co-op play group, but what does this mean to you?  The first meet-up of each month, we ask that you contribute $5.00 and we also participate in housekeeping and planning together.  We are all volunteers, coming together to have a safe place to nurture our momma hearts! 

Please join us for a time to play with your little ones while making friendships with faithful women. Coffee is provided, snacks are shared; please bring something healthy to share when you are able.

What if I am not a Christian or I am a different religion? Everyone is welcome!

Cascade View's-View on Who we Are as a Church Family:

Cascade View is a diverse community of believers, characterized by the spirit of family and hospitality. We celebrate the fact that through Jesus Christ, we are adopted into God’s family as children of God. Through Him, we share the spirit of family and hospitality. It is our desire to extend this spirit to you no matter who ou are. Jesus Christ came to seek and to save the lost. Through His children empowered by His Spirit, He still seeks the lost. This is one of the primary purposes of the church; this is why we offer Cascade View to you as “A safe place to seek and experience God.”

This Week, Our Topic is:
Holiday Traditions

What does this mean as a Friend, Mom, wife, or Girlfriend

Be prepared to share which profile is yours by completing the test. We will share in our casual group conversation.  Does this topic bring to mind a Bible verse to share? We would love to hear it!